Posted by: PURITY | November 13, 2008

I am…..

My name is, Purity

(Actually, Purity is just a nickname here, my real name is Amir Ghaedi heidari)

I Graduated in Maritime Business Management (MBM), Chabahar Maritime University (CMU), Sistan & Balochestan province, Iran.

My English is rather good. However, my speaking ability is better than my writing.

I’m 24 years old.

I really love English, and I want to improve my English by writing in this blog. I didn’t go in any class for learning english yet, but I want to learn it with this way!

If you have any comments, either positive or negative, please send me an email. It’s your feedback that helps me grow and succeed.

Unfortunately I serve as a soldier in military service now and I’m not sure that answer your comments very soon. But as soon as read it , I reply to you.

Awaiting your immediate response

Thanks and God bless.